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ForburyTECH is a complete business advisory for start-up and early stage businesses in the technology sector. It is an “all in one place” platform for young entrepreneurs to gain the vital support and information needed to make their company a success.

Due to our vast network of tech-focussed professionals and legal background, ForburyTECH offers a complete business solution in a way that can’t be found anywhere else in the Thames Valley. Our unique and collaborative ecosystem is designed to eradicate the complex and time-consuming nature of building your own company, along with the pitfalls that comes with it.

ForburyTECH provides a collective service of legal advice, funding opportunities, HR support and business strategy development. Saving the client time, money and added stress in the long run.

Being passionate about a great idea is contagious, and ForburyTECH wants to be there every step of the way to provide help and support when it’s needed.

The legal side

Pre-Start Up

IP protection, NDAs, advice on corporate structures, shareholders agreements, registered office facility

Early/Growth Stage

Standard terms of business, HR/Payroll support, employment contracts and policies, immigration compliance, wills and estate planning, funding, retail premises

Exit Planning

Preparing your business for an exit, pre-due diligence, types of exits, finding the right partners to maximise returns

The non-legal side

We can connect you with trusted experts for help on the non-legal issues your business may face, whether it’s banks or other sources of finance, accountants, tax advisers, business advisors, non exec directors, insurance brokers or HR professionals. All of these experts, like us, have particular experience of working with tech businesses and can help support your business throughout its life cycle.

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Let’s be honest, cash is the lifeline of any new business. We are acutely aware of that so an open-door policy lies at the heart of forburyTECH. Our understanding of the role of funding is deeper and more diverse than most other law firms. Our associated venture, Forbury Investment Network (FIN) has for many years helped early and growth stage technology businesses unlock their potential by providing strategic investment readiness advice, access to new markets where appropriate, and introductions to relevant investors.

Supporting ventures overseas

The success of Forbury Investment Network (FIN) has led to a replica network across the Commonwealth in partnership with The Royal Commonwealth Society, whereby our overseas regional hubs provide a structured network to support businesses to trade successfully in foreign markets and become familiar with overseas business practices.

HR and People

Visit ForburyPeople Visit Employmentbuddy

With building a start-up comes building a team – whether that be two, twenty, or two hundred of you. Our associated company, Forbury People, is a leading HR Consultancy that has particular expertise working with tech businesses.

Through you can access a full range of HR documents and resources for only £1 a day + VAT. This will help you to save time and money, enabling you to focus on the long term expansion of your start-up.

Visit Forbury People Visit Employmentbuddy

Want to know more?

Just speak to one of our team.

Ash Arif

Ash Arif Corporate

T: 0118 953 3904

I can help with your commercial, legal and strategic needs. Whether it’s the “first chat”, strategic guidance, basic commercial agreements or complex funding and corporate arrangements, I’m here to help.

Chris Tayton

Chris Tayton Disputes

T: 0118 960 4691

I can help with all your business disputes & disagreements; how to avoid them happening; cheap and effective ways of resolving them when they do; making sure you get paid; protecting your business assets; defending claims.

Simon Ralphs

Simon Ralphs Real Estate

T: 020 7539 8049

I can deal with all of your lease, licensing and other property needs including issues related to you taking on new premises, leaving your existing property or carrying out works or development.

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