Oct 09

It's not all bad news in ‘The Future Of Jobs Report 2018’

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, to use World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s slogan, is well and truly on its way...


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Oct 08

The Benefits and “Pit-falls” of Shared Work-Spaces

Shared work spaces are designed to accommodate flexible, agile working and are gradually becoming more widespread in the commercial property..

#Real Estate

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Oct 04

Successful morning at the Thames Valley IT Forum

forburyTECH and Clarkslegal co-hosted the Thames Valley IT Forum at Verizon, Reading International Park this morning alongside Barclays, James Cowper..


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Sep 05

Drones – developing law

A drone is an unmanned flying aircraft used to collect data. Drones are closely associated with innovation in digital..


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Sep 04

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality- the way forward for recruitment?

Augmented reality (“AR”) is becoming more and more prominent. Put simply, AR is technology that superimposes a computer-generated image onto..


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Aug 31

Food tech venture capital is burgeoning

From meal delivery kit businesses to meat substitutes, investors are accelerating their bets on the food tech sector. According to..


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Aug 29

Do you want fries - I mean AI with that?

Recent weather and its impact on the food chain has seen quite a bit of media coverage over the last..


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Aug 14

AI the future of retail banking?

The use of AI software in providing audit and compliance roles, conversational interfaces (“chatbots”) and analytics to identify and match..


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Aug 10

Technology: Giving Green Energy the Green Light?

The amount of energy generated by renewable energy sources is on the rise. The BEIS reports that renewable sources now..


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Jul 25

Could technology be the answer to boost employee wellbeing?

Technology’s impact in the workplace is unquestionable- the increased use of remote working, mobile devices and new technologies in the..


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