Apr 30

Hey that's my content - now YouTube, where's my licence?

You may have heard that the EU Council has voted in favour of the Copyright Directive passed by the EU..


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Apr 26

Cybercrime, it can happen to anyone.

The takeaway from the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2019 is that Cybercrime can happen to us all. It’s a real..


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Apr 18

The UK is open for Tech: Start-ups continue to grow despite Brexit

The UK continues to focus on attracting the best tech talent to its shores. Since the introduction of the Tier..


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Apr 16

Better facial recognition comes at a price

Facial recognition (“FR”) is rapidly becoming part and parcel of everyday life. Whether to get through passport control or simply..


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Apr 12

Is this AI step too far?

It has been revealed that hundreds of UK business are using artificial intelligence to monitor staff activity. Is this an..


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Apr 05

We are all at risk of automation

How fitting that the ONS (Office for National Statistics) should bolster its latest findings on the future of automation in..


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Mar 13

The future of data privacy – can we take control?

As users, we power the internet through our data. Be it social media, online searches or simple tasks like shopping..


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Feb 11

Using technology to save the planet

Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire has become the first in Europe to use technology to capture carbon dioxide produced..


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Jan 18

Building connections: the Internet of Things and construction

There is a lot of talk about the “Internet of Things”, or IoT. But what does that actually mean –..


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Jan 08

AI to make our life better? 2019 may be the year!

The continued increases in AI and blockchain development and advances in hardware have impacted on all areas of life and..


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