Aug 25

Restaurant Tech – Is new tech driving self service growth?

The simple answer to this question would seem to be yes. Over recent years we have seen the emergence of more and more tech that puts the responsibility in the hands of the consumer. Whether it be ordering at your table, paying your bill remotely or even serving yourself it seems that technology is taking the place of customer service.

Many restaurants have adopted the use of menu display and ordering from iPads rather than traditional paper menus. For example, McDonald’s include a self service touch screen ordering system in some of their stores and Inamo restaurant in London have gone a stage further by having interactive projected tabletops where diners can order their food and drinks and also play games.

Technology has also stepped in to shortcut the age old problem of waiting for the bill with the introduction of payment apps such as Cake which lets you pay at your leisure directly from your handheld device.

The consumer has become familiar with serving themselves especially as most UK supermarkets now include self service tills in their stores and it looks like this trend is spreading into the casual dining sector.

forburyTECH real estate contact, Simon Ralphs, has recently been helping an innovative self service food outlet called Keuken with their first UK store ( Keuken use state of the art technology in the form of cashless, self-serve refrigerated pods where the customer literally helps themselves to freshly prepared food.

The pods are designed to accept card and contactless payments and also link to Apple Pay with the aim of making buying lunch quick and easy.



It may still be a long way off before we see robot waiters and waitresses in our restaurants (although they are already being used in some restaurants in the Far East!) but technology in the food and restaurant sector is certainly moving at a fast pace to keep up with the consumer’s desire for a faster more efficient service.

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