Oct 18

Robot revolution in the restaurant sector

According to a recent study as many as 10 million jobs in the USA could be at risk in the..

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May 09

Found the perfect venue? Watch out for hidden costs

Starting up your own business can be tough, but dealing with the consequences of poor planning is even tougher. Real..

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Jun 03

The Future of Retail and the Challenge of the Tech Revolution

The UK is known as a nation of shoppers. Over the last few decades shopping has become a leisure..

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May 06

The Internet of Things – Legal Issues arising from Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things (‘IoT’) is not a particularly novel concept: the idea that everyday items be connected to the..

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Mar 04

Zoopla buys into Prop Tech boom

There has been a marked increase in new prop tech start-ups over the last year as they look to mirror..

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